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Dog Training in Jersey

Fun 4 Dogs

I live on the Island of Jersey, in the Parish St Peter with my husband Mark, our two sons Finlay and Fergus and the new member of our family Betty my re-homed Labradoodle.

I have been working with dogs for over 15 years, starting at kennels aged 13 where I developed an affinity with the “more difficult” dog. I found my own style of handling and befriending them which was unheard of at the time in the island, where “traditional training methods” were more commonplace. Shaping and conditioning behaviour using reward based training is now widely recognised. In the years that followed I dabbled in obedience, agility and show training, handling as many different breeds as I could get my hands on.

In 2007 I decided to open my own Pet dog training school and Fun4dogs was born.

Islana McLaughlin-Bell
2 Thornhill Court,
Le Vieux Beaumont,
01534 498037
07797 731557

Jersey Dog Training Association

The Jersey Dog Training Association, our club provides tuition and competes in obedience with all breeds of dog’s.

The Club was founded over 35 years ago, by people who had a shared passion for training their dogs, and continues to be so run today. We are based in Jersey in the Channel Islands.

We teach dogs the basics of obedience and socialisation from 3 months old and upwards, for those who wish to continue with obedience training, we run advanced classes teaching to a competitive level.

For more information on dog training, please contact us.

Jersey Dog Training Association
01534 722 451

Top Dogs Jersey

We cater for all your needs from Puppy foundation courses and basic obedience, Kennel Club Good Citizen dog Scheme and Show Handling.

Our reward training methods are based on learning through play with TLC! The most important thing in your puppy or dog’s life is YOU! so we show you how to interact with your dog using play.

A must, for all handlers of puppies and dogs is a great deal of patience, remember they cannot tell us they do not understand what we want from them, so never lose your patience. We do not accept any form of harsh handling, punishment or anything to cause pain to any puppies or dogs in Top Dogs, if this is noticed you will be asked to leave.

Above all enjoy your training time with us, a well behaved dog is a joy to own!

We cater for all your needs from the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, from Puppy Foundation to Gold Award, Competitive Obedience and Show Handling for the breed ring.

Happy Training makes happy dogs, make happy owners!


Jersey Junior Dog Handlers

The Jersey Junior Dog Handlers Association is not just for Juniors. The club has evolved over the years & caters for all ages of handlers. We train show handling/ringcraft for people who want to show their dogs & we follow the Good Citizen Dog Scheme for obedience. The Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the fastest growing training programme for dogs & is aimed at pet obedience. If your dog is a puppy it will start off doing the puppy foundation course. If you want to continue training once your dog is older & many people do then the puppy foundation is followed by the Bronze, Silver & Gold Good Citizen. We also offer the opportunity to train your dog in Flyball which is a fun, fast sport involving your dog running over four low jumps & retrieving a tennis ball at the end of the jumps before returning the same way, in other words a doggy relay with a team of four dogs. We also have any area for people to self train their dogs if they wish, this is aimed at people who do competition obedience & are confident enough to train themselves.

All our exciting activities take place on a Tuesday evening at the Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity & a warm welcome awaits you & your dog.

Christine Marett, 874708, 07797 740836

Vice Presidents:
Philippa Knight, 759595, 07797 730687
Collette Allen, 861706

Liz Boschat, 490653, 07797 724366

Trina Channing, 285084, 07700 704423

Committee Members:
Rachel Le Masurier, 07797 744947
Robyn Boschat, 490653, 07797 839269


Agility for Jersey - Dog Training

Agility For Jersey was formed in Jan 2011 from the agility section of the Alsatian (GSD) Training Club, which has been going for over 40 years.

It was decided that as the section now had so many handlers and dogs, it would be better to form our own club purely for agility only.

Agility is a fun, fast and exciting sport for dogs and handlers. The dogs must complete a course of jumps, tunnels, weave poles and other obstacles; whilst the owner guides the dog using their voice and body language. The challenge is to complete the course with the least number of faults, in the quickest time possible. With experienced dogs and handlers completing complicated courses as fast as they can, this is equally testing and stimulating for both dogs and handlers.

Contact Committee:

President – Roger Bailey
Vice-President – Valery Johnson
Secretary – Liz Boschat
Treasurer – Debbie McIntyre
Committee Members – Yvonne Bailey, Val Poingdestre & Glynis Young